A Fragile Heritage: Post-war Modernist Architecture in South Tyrol and Neighboring Countries

Winter semester: November 2021-January 2022
Responsible: Gerhard Glüher, Waltraud Kofler Engl
Curated by Waltraud Kofler Engl

The lecture series “A Fragile Heritage: Post-war Modernist Architecture in South Tyrol and Neighboring Countries”, organized within the Studium Generale of the Winter Semester 2021/22, is meant as a continuation of the conversations begun last spring with the series “A Fragile Heritage. Preserving 20th-Century Architecture,” which was devoted to the conservation and restoration of a number of modern works of national and international significance. The lectures and tours will focus on exemplary case studies within the European region of Tyrol-South Tyrol-Trentino and Switzerland and will address regional manifestations of post-war modernism, including green and open spaces, as well as strategies aimed at their protection, preservation, restoration, and further construction.
The cycle seeks to raise a series of questions about the architectural and technical qualities of these works, their adaptation to contemporary needs, their value – often underestimated – as cultural heritage, with the aim of stimulating and promoting debate on the architecture of the recent past and to raise public awareness of the subject. The knowledge of built heritage and its historical, architectural and urban significance is in fact a fundamental requirement for its enhancement and preservation.

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